We are on a mission to enable a socio-climatic just world by mainstreaming sustainable development.

Our Ultimate Goal

To conserve & nurture conditions that support ‘all’ life on Earth.

We do not believe in the flawed concept of ‘saving’ the Earth. The planet will continue to exist with or without humanity. Our planet has the inherent ability to maintain the conditional balance necessary to support life, uncontrolled anthropogenic activities however are continuing to throw this balance out of proportion. As a result the delicate conditions that support life are already compromised.

Approximate global warming above pre-industrial levels till date

Approaching 1.5°C rise in global temperature, probability of ice free Arctic Summer



Global temperature rise limit set as per the Paris Agreement in 2016

Failing to limit 2°C rise in global temperature, probability of ice free Arctic Summer



Global rise in temperature if continued to operate business-as-usual (BAU) by 2100

Continuing business-as-usual, with more than 3°C rise in global temperature, probability of ice free Arctic Summer



Stats based on IPCC Special Report 15

These statistics indicate the current scenario & trajectory we are following, left unchanged we are headed towards catastrophic Climate Change. Integrated Climate Initiatives (ICI) Pvt. Ltd. is a social enterprise that was founded with the will and hope to address the injustice that emanates as a result of our rapidly changing climate. Climate that has and continues to change as a result of anthropogenic activities. Through our solutions we seek to assist and empower multiple stakeholders to achieve the 2°C target set out by almost 200 countries.



Our vision is to mainstream and establish sustainability as the core pillar for development.

We are a sustainability consulting firm based out of India. We provide consultancy & advisory services, develop digital tools & platforms that inspire and help transform its consumers to drive change through actionable information and behaviour to integrate or augment sustainability in their businesses and practices through cohesive mitigation and adaptation measures.

ICI houses a team of experts and environmental consultants from India. ICI’s envisions to mainstream climate action by enabling organisations with services including such as ESG reporting, Carbon Footprinting, Ecological Footprinting, Carbon Auditing, understanding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Sustainability Roadmapping & Sustainability Planning, Supply chain management and strategising Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With an in-house team of developers and years of expertise, ICI also provides digital services by creating custom tools and web applications.


To learn more about how we can help you and/or your organisation to be a sustainability leader connect with Us.