Sector Specific Services

Tourism & Business Travel

ICI has devised an in-house sustainability and emission quantification framework that maps and evaluates tourism and travel related footprints. ICIs innovative recommendation frameworks allow tourism businesses to assess and compare sustainable alternatives for accommodation, travel, waste management, and food.

For corporations with a large travel footprint, ICI can develop complex online frameworks, tools, and applications that easily estimate emissions and perform comparative low-carbon scenarios to help businesses understand meaningful shifts and choices to reduce their travel footprint.

Textiles and Apparel Industry

The Textile and Apparel Industry is always in high demand, owing to which it has grabbed the attention of conscious producers and consumers. ICI’s expertise offers assistance in conducting and reporting as per Higg Index and set Science-Based Targets (SBTs) for a reduction in impact. Higg Index and SBTs are global standards that score a business based on social and environmental criteria. ICI enables companies to understand their scores and devise goals and opportunities to enhance their scores, which could help companies to become more sustainable and stand out from their competition.

Standards & Protocols Used: Higg Index, SBTis, IPCC Guidelines 2006