Sustainability Consulting and Reporting

Carbon Footprinting and Management

Through our collective years of experience in quantifying and reporting GHG emissions, we consult businesses, corporates, NGOs and governments to - scope, map and quantify their Carbon/GHG emissions and help set Science Based Targets (SBTs) for emission reductions helping stakeholders achieve their emission reduction goals and gain competitive advantage.

ICI has a rich experience in GHG inventorisation across IPCC sectors, namely - Energy; Industrial Processes and Product Use; Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use; Waste.

Standards & Protocols Used: IPCC Guidelines 2006, WBCSD, GHG Protocols, CDP, ISO 14064/65

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

ICI helps businesses conduct Studies for their products, services or operations. Through our LCA services we help break down the environmental impact across different stages, such as: 1) material acquisition and preprocessing; 2) manufacturing & production; 3) distribution & storage; 4) use; and 5) end of life. We account and report for energy, material, water, waste and GHG emissions throughout the life cycle stages and assist in developing various. LCA approaches - Cradle to Grave; Cradle to Gate; Gate to Grave etc.

Standards & Protocols Used: ISO 14040/14044, GHG Protocol’s Product Life Cycle Standard

Corporate Sustainability and Climate Change

ICI strategically assists businesses to incorporate and adopt sustainability through long-term consultation and advisory projects. ICI helps organisations evaluate their business-as-usual (BAU) carbon emissions using our proprietary large dataset of emission factors, and prepare a Low Carbon Transformation Roadmap through Low Carbon/Climate scenario modelling and analysis. We assess these low-carbon pathways to assist organisations in reaching their short and long-term sustainability targets through mitigation of impact and offsetting interventions. We further assist organisations by designing and developing custom frameworks, web-based and mobile applications to help keep track of their periodic emissions and reduction efforts.

Standards & Protocols Used: IPCC Guidelines 2006, WBCSD, GHG Protocol Corporate Standard and Corporate Scope 3 Standard, CDP, ISO 14064/65

Supplier Sustainability Assessment

ICI helps businesses map their supply chain emissions by engaging with Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers to track materials, process and analyse impacts at every step. We assist businesses to develop frameworks to assess and rank suppliers on the basis of their sustainability performances and address sustainability roadblocks.

Standards & Protocols Used: Corporate Scope 3 Standard

Smart Communities, Township & Cities Scale Footprinting

ICI assists builders, architects, town planners, and other municipal authorities in quantifying and reporting GHG emissions and associated GHG reductions. Based on the geographical boundary of operation, we map, scope, and categorise direct and indirect emissions into sectors such as Stationary Combustion, Transportation, Waste, Industrial Processes and Product Use (IPPU), Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use (AFLOU), and Other Scope 3 emissions.

Standards & Protocols Used: Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories (GPC)

Water Footprinting

ICI provides the expertise to appraise water footprints for - process steps; product(s); consumer or group of consumers; geographically delineated areas; catchments & river basins; municipalities; provinces or other administrative units; businesses to gauge its environmental, social and economic impact. ICI will assist in the periodic assessment, identify unsustainable hotspots, and actively recommend solutions to overcome such roadblocks.

Standards & Protocols Used: Global Water Footprint Standard

SDG Reporting

In 2015, the United Nations developed 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by sharing a plan of action for socio-economical and environmental sustainability. The mission is to help businesses and governments achieve these goals by 2030. The approach and idea of SDGs are integrated just like ICI’s. At ICI, we assist businesses to align and integrate SDGs in their operations and activities; prepare SDG roadmaps and reports based on business goals and targets.

Standards & Protocols Used: SDGs, Future-Fit Business Benchmark

ESG Standards, Disclosures and Reporting

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting in India is now gaining momentum as it is now mandatory for Top 1,000 Listed Companies. Investors are now looking at ESG disclosures and ESG reporting to steer themselves into investment-driven decision making. ICI helps organisations by unravelling and evaluating their ESG impact. We aid organisations understanding their ESG risks, hotspots and opportunities and develop a roadmap to elevate ESG scores.

Standards & Protocols Used: SDGs, SASB, GRI, CDP, TCFD

Data Driven Insights and Communications

Our in-house capabilities allow us to help businesses easily break down data, in order to model creative and contextualised infographic insights (web-based charts & graphs + digital creatives) to boost conscious-customer/employee relationships.

Sustainability Leadership Consulting

We aid in capacity building by enabling and coaching organisations to embed and adopt sustainable best practices. We hand-hold organisations, leaders and executives by helping them think about sustainability, resources and cost savings, plotting pathways to enable science based targets setting and innovation-based growth.